Christmas is coming Detox

There are several reasons to do a detox. You may have an illness you are struggling to shake, been taking medications or have a niggling injury. You may be experiencing gut or skin problems or feeling tired, bloated or fatigued. Or you simply may want to shed a few extra kilos. Whatever your reason, now is the perfect time to detoxify & start feeling fresh for summer.

However, with the ‘Silly Season’ fast approaching, many people want to get their bodies in shape now so they are feeling their best for all the festivities.

My approach to detox is gentle, so won’t leave you hungry. It should be conducted over 30 days or longer if needed.

The 3 steps to a successful detox are:

Step 1 – Cut out inflammatory foods & drinks

Your body needs you to be kind to it and nourish it with good, healthy, preferably organic fresh wholefoods. Wholefoods are foods that are closest to their natural form. You need to cut out all processed (packaged) foods, junk foods, soft drinks, bottled juices, all dairy, alcohol and caffeinated drinks (ie no tea or coffee). And focus on whole foods. Don’t be fooled by marketing of ‘healthy’ snacks. A chip is still a chip whether it’s made from potato, corn, lentil or quinoa. Just eat real food!

Stick to a high vegetable and complex carbohydrate diet ie brown rice, quinoa, beans, legumes & lentils, and minimise fruits and starchy, sweet vegetables such as potato & carrot. And don’t be concerned, you can eat as much as you want without counting or weighing anything. You’ll be surprised how good it can be!

Drink lemon water, purified water, herbal teas, sparkling water (plain or flavoured with herbal tea, lemon or lime).

Step 2 – Detox Supplement

Stopping the above foods starts the detoxification process. To rid the body of built up toxins, parasites & fungal conditions, and to speed up the detoxification process, I recommend taking Diatomaceous Earth twice daily Diatomaceous Earth is natural occurring silica and works by absorbing the foreign matter, moving it into the bowel to exit the body.

I recommend Fossil Power Diatomaceous Earth, available at Organika.

Step 3 – Detox Support

Detoxing is the process of removing built-up toxins from the body. Inflammatory foods feed ‘bad’ bacteria within our gut causing an imbalance which is expressed as many different ailments eg skin rashes, gut problems, poor immunity etc. Therefore, it is vital we rebalance the good and bad bacteria. The best way to replenish the good guys is by taking a daily probiotic.

I recommend any of the Fusion range of probiotics, particularly the GutBiotic 60 Billion, available at Organika.

Step 4 – Liver Support

Our Liver is our body’s natural detoxifying organ. Undertaking a detox puts pressure on our Liver therefore it needs to be supported to cope with the increased activity.

I recommend taking Fusion Liver Tonic or Fusion Milk Thistle, available at Organika.

Whatever your reason, a detox is a good way to cleanse your body with the potential to achieve immense health rewards. By following these 4 simple steps, you will see and feel a difference.

For a personalised detox program, you can contact me at, on 0414 656 329, or meet me in store to arrange an appointment.

Lauren x

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