It can be difficult when you walk into a health food store or chemist to buy a good vitamin C supplement and you are faced with 21 brands and a choice of powder, capsules, tablets or chewable tablets – what on earth do you get?

Ideally you want a natural, food-sourced vitamin C supplement, like Acerola Berry Extract, as vitamin C (ascorbic acid) does not occur by itself in Nature – it needs other important co-factors to help the body to absorb it and these are found only in the whole fruit. Citrus fruits, Acerola Berries, Camu Camu and Kakadu Plum have very high levels of naturally occurring vitamin C, plus all of the necessary co-factors, like bioflavonoids.

“Food sources of vitamin C contain the vitamin itself, as well as enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, trace minerals, activators, rutin, bioflavonoids, minerals co-factors and other components.”

“The human body is designed to absorb nutrition from natural foods. Many studies now show that the nutrients in whole foods are better assimilated, digested, absorbed and retained than their synthetic counterparts. Supplementation with nutritionally rich whole foods [like organic Acerola extract] offers far superior bioavailable nourishment.” (Lifestream Natural Vitamin C Brochure)

Also, most vitamin C supplements are synthetic. Unless the label says it is from a whole food source, then it is derived from corn glucose. This “ascorbic acid” is made in a lab and unless the label states “GMO free”, then the corn will be genetically modified as well.

For those of us who are health-conscious consumers and are seeking the best absorbed, most natural, non-toxic form of vitamin C (without all the sweeteners, additives and fillers) the Acerola Berry Extract or Camu Camu etc. is the choice vitamin C supplement. However, there are other good low-cost choices of vitamin C powder or tablets which include bioflavonoids (such as Ethical Nutrients brand), which will still help your immune system but perhaps not be as well-absorbed or utilised as the natural sourced vitamin C products!

Lastly, do we need to take additional vitamin C, on top of healthy eating? Yes; often even organic food does not contain sufficient natural vitamin C due to processing, transport and storage. I recommend taking at least half a teaspoon to one teaspoon daily of natural vitamin C powder or equivalent 3-6 capsules daily; to boost immune function, to help with adrenal fatigue and stress, to improve hair, skin and nail growth and appearance, to maintain healthy gums and teeth, to keep bones, joints and tendons strong, to detoxify the body, to prevent easy bruising, to prevent cataracts, to promote healing of wounds, to assist iron absorption and as an antioxidant to protect and heal the body from ageing and diseases like cancer.

Organika stocks Lifestream Natural Acerola Berry Vitamin C in 60g powder or capsule form, as well as Eden Health Foods Wild C 150g and Loving Earth Camu Camu powder 150g; which are very absorbable, excellent forms of natural vitamin C. Look out for our new bulk packaged Acerola vitamin C powder; available in 100g. 200g and 500g sizes at reasonable prices.

Acerola Berry

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