Change your gut health and immune system with food-based powdered probiotics!

If you don’t have the time or taste for sauerkraut, then food-based, powdered probiotics may be your answer to good gut health. Probiotics have many benefits. They can help your digestion, get rid of allergies, encourage a poor appetite, aid weight loss, improve brain function, lift your mood and even stimulate your immune system.

We all know the incredible health effects of probiotics found naturally in fermented foods. You get all the above benefits, plus live nutrition from enzymes, vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber and natural sugars to feed the probiotics (pre-biotics). So why take a powdered probiotic?

Sometimes it is easier, and more convenient to have a probiotic on hand to take. Especially if you are on the go and can’t source enough fermented foods, or have not yet made them a consistent part of your daily diet. If you have had a recent course of antibiotics or have kids that have been on them, or you want to strengthen the family’s immune system for winter, then it may be easier to initially support gut health with a natural, powdered probiotic.

Natural probiotic supplements condense live cultures from fermented food into a convenient powdered form and unlike many other probiotics on the market today, are not synthetically derived in a laboratory.

These concentrated, freeze-dried food forms of probiotics are now available and Organika stocks three of them. They all contain naturally sourced, non-GMO probiotics from fermented organic foods, such as brown rice, broccoli, sweet potato, molasses and slippery elm, with pre-biotic fiber to feed these viable strains of probiotics.

· NTS Digest-Ease 150 g

· Eden Health Foods Ultimate Biotic pre/probiotic 80g

· Changing Habits Organic Probiotics 150g

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